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Synergy of Empowered Women provides donors, advocates, and volunteers the organization they need to support women in achieving their greatest potential. We take a stand for women's empowerment! Our team is directed by a certified nonprofit consultant who organizes, supervises and distributes resources to qualified groups locally, regionally and nationally.

Synergy of Empowered Women compiles best practices from the public, private and non-profit sectors and will phase in an online library of resources. Thought leaders from each sector are invited to debate, offer insight and codify sound research. SEW also maintains a database of Certified Business Owners (CBO) which serves as the early adopter network for SEW. 


We are inspired by women entrepreneurs.

Coaching and Mentorship

We will provide business coaching for women who are committed to starting a business or those who aim to take their existing business to the next level. Our SEW Business Coaches meet with women virtually to deliver training on core business principles such as strategic planning, competitive advantage, marketing, sales, tactical execution, customer feedback, market analysis and budgeting. SEW Coaching is offered for reasonable fees or scholarships on a case by case basis.


Regional and National Summits 


We will host an annual conference for women in business. The 2023 Conference date is coming soon! Synergy of Empowered Women will gather thought leaders from each business sector; participants are invited to make declarations, discuss challenges and be coached. Our yearly conference will facilitate networking opportunities among industry leaders with a proficient understanding of the necessary components of business ownership.


If you believe in the success of women, please consider contributing to our efforts

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