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Social Media Training at Microsoft

Synergy of Empowered Women has begun Social Media training for our membership. This is another avenue for Women Entrepreneurs to expand their contacts and to receive free advertising which attracts more business.

Synergy of Empowered Women is concerned that our membership not lose out on the benefits of free training and access to social media exposure that can assist their growth.

The classes are taught by Microsoft certified instructors qualified on the subject matter. Microsoft provides Surface Pro laptops to work on and everyone can develop their own LinkedIn page with the tips offered.

Here is the link to the class and the attendees.

Other landmark achievements are a virtual Meetup coordinated by our Director of Business Development, Carolyn Maul. We had members nationwide connected by video and able to converse and get to know one another through the new electronic means of mass communication. Look forward to more innovative ways of expanding Synergy of Empowered Women.

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