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*In 2017, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ed Bracey for his series Major Moves in the Marketplace, and he also included me in a powerful press release.


Ed is amazingly supportive of women entrepreneurs, he is a pleasure to work with and has created an impressive organization that offers so many valuable resources to women in business. Thank you, Ed and Team, for what you have created and what you are doing.

Regina Huber, CEO of Transform Your Performance, Transformational Leadership Coach & Consultant with a passion for Inclusive Diversity,

Global Inspirational Speaker, Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine

*Meryl Hunte, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Synergy Testimonial:


*Ed Bracey and I met at women's networking group a year ago. Needless to say, the fact that he was there was unusual enough. But the company he represented was even more so. Ed had a vision, to help other women entrepreneurs live their dream by gaining the resources and knowledge they needed to pursue their passion. His own passion and dedication to help create a future unlike the past by igniting the feminine energy back into the business world has been tireless and growing by leaps and bounds.


I was fortunate enough to be on an interview with Ed, sharing my business and passion as a spiritual transformational coach for women going through life transitions. Synergy gave me the opportunity to share my particular skills and talents and how I help women to heal from the past and create a new reality through my various tools and teachings. But I am just one of the many resources Ed has a made a point of putting out there for other women to connect with to further their own dream.


It is my privilege to be a part of this group, to join with other women (and men!) who wish to support a new vision for our world and the world of business. Synergy of Empowered women lives up to its name and continues to make a difference in the lives and direction of the individual, as well as the planet.


Thank you, Synergy!


Dawn Petalino

Spiritual Transformational Coach, Best Selling Author, and Healer


Seeing the work and effort that Ed brings to his non-profit is unparallel to anyone that I have ever seen with a vision to help women.  I have worked not only side by side with Ed and his non-profit Synergy of Empowered Women but he is also my personal coach.  Considering my reputation for working with coaches and the fact that he is my go-to should say heeps. 

Synergy of Empowered Women is an organization that is not only pure but effective. Something I continue to invest in the cause and anyone that really wants to make a difference in the world today then this is the cause for you.  The entire team is effective and really special.

Alicia Williams-Dibrell

Executive Director, Marketing / PR Strategy

Incite Authority Media LLC

Synergy of Empowered Women is remarkable on so many levels. 

First, it is the manifestation of a VISION. Ed Bracey gives us all inspiration to keep pursuing our dreams and our passion No Matter What....SEW is a tribute to Ed's mother who he loved and admired dearly.

It is also a tribute to the strong empowered women in his life that he draws in magnetically and is laser focused on serving.

Second, the platform itself is remarkable. Synergy has grown organically via social media to over 3000 members worldwide and NOW the momentum has grown to the point where there is a clear pathway for women to utilize SEW. It starts with coaching and mentoring as a woman either launches a new business or has the desire to take hers up to the next level. From there, the needed resources are discovered and provided. During this growth, there are conferences and seminars to network and learn from others. Culminating in an actual Certification which will allow new doors to open for these women entrepreneurs.

Last, the format of SEW allows for Philanthropists and generous Donors to support a cause near and dear to THEM! We know there are many people out there with the desire to support and promote women in business. Now they have a clear channel with a clear mission, purpose, timeline, action plan, and financial plan to feel confidant in supporting.

I, for one, am immensely proud to be spreading the love out here in California as we begin the West Coast chapter of Synergy of Empowered Women.
~ Carolyn Maul

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