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Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Story NATIONWIDE!

Women Entrepreneurs nationwide were interviewed by Ed Bracey for the Internet Radio Show, Making Moves in the Marketplace. The interview series began with Carolyn Maul, Director of Business Development interviewing Synergy of Empowered Women Founder, Ed Bracey.

Carolyn continued by interviewing Jimmie LaRose and Louis Fawcett, both professional Nonprofit Fund Raising executives. Incite Media processed and posted each subsequent interview which each entrepreneur was able to use in their individual advertising campaign.

Here is the link to Carolyn’s interview.

Here is the link to all the interviews on Making Moves In The Marketplace.

Making Moves in the Marketplace shines light on the struggles, hardships and journeys that many women entrepreneurs had to face on their path to create their own business. It gives women a voice and it allows them to lead the conversation - they can talk about anything they would like. The importance of this radio show is to allow women the chance to share their stories of their entrepreneurship journey. Please have a listen!

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